Joint Webinar with Climate Impact X

Decarbonisation in the Maritime Industry: The Importance of Carbon Credits

Join us for a free webinar covering topics on decarbonisation in maritime, carbon credits and more!
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Thursday, 6th July 2023
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4:00 - 4:45 PM SGT

Calling all shipowners
and charterers!

Join our free webinar for an engaging session on how to accelerate your decarbonisation efforts!

Sean Lew and Tom Enger, our speakers, will provide valuable insights on how shipowners and charterers can actively reduce their environmental impact. They will share practical strategies, cover real-life examples, and discuss the importance of incorporating carbon credits into your sustainability initiatives.

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4:00 PM
4:05 PM
Why the maritime industry should use carbon credits
From IMO regulations and Paris Agreements, we will share our insights on how carbon credits can benefit the maritime industry.
4:20 PM
Getting started with carbon credits
We will be discussing the considerations when buying carbon credits, the different standards and project types and real life examples of maritime companies who are already utilising carbon credits.
4:35 PM
Q&A session
The floor will be open for questions!

Meet your speakers

Image of Sean Lew, a young man with black hair in a green polo
Sean Lew
Chief Product Officer, MarinaChain

Sean is Chief Product Officer at MarinaChain, where he helms Product, Carbon, and Strategy. Prior to joining MarinaChain, he spent a year in the States working in the energy sector, creating batteries and products for cold chain and logistics tracking. With a background in engineering, his talents have proven useful in analysing and implementing the latest reports and research in carbon and legislation.

Image of Tom Enger, a man with blonde hair in a suit
Tom Enger
Head of Product, Climate Impact X

Tom is the Head of Product for Climate Impact X, a global exchange & marketplace based in Singapore for voluntary carbon credits and environmental market contracts. Tom previously developed derivatives strategy for Singapore Exchange (SGX) and data strategy for the Baltic Exchange. Prior to this, Tom designed price benchmarks, platforms and analytics for commodity index specialist S&P Global Platts.

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