Web3 for maritime and ocean decarbonisation.

MarinaChain gives shipowners the tools they need to evaluate their vessels real time. They can then use those insights to take action, such as optimising energy efficiency, creating CII reports, and offsetting their carbon emissions.

Built on

Monitor and reduce your vessels' carbon emissions.

Environmentally Damaging

The maritime industry could account for 17% of global emissions by 2050 if left unregulated. In recent years, the impact of greenhouse gases on the environment has been alarming, leading various authorities to impose increasingly stringent regulations and measures in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

Poor Digital Infrastructure

The shipping industry has been notoriously slow to digitise their operations. This has resulted in companies lacking the ability to reliably track and report their emissions data to the relevant regulatory authorities.

Our technology.

MarinaChain is a blockchain ecosystem providing green solutions to the shipping industry. These include data storage and automated reporting services targeted at addressing environmental issues.

MarinaNet - Maritime Data Network

A decentralised data ecosystem that incentivises shipping companies to monitor emissions and monetise ship data on the marketplace.

MarinaX - Decentralised Carbon Credit Exchange

More details announced soon.

MarinaVerse - P2E Gaming

The world’s first carbon negative P2E game. Playable NFTs minted for every real life ship added onto the MarinaNet network.

Why Blockchain?

Better Economics
Data Contributors (eg shipping companies) are incentivised with tokens for uploading data
Royalty payments goes to Contributors
Unlocks capital from retail investors (via MarinaVerse)
Better Operations
Data is transparent; good for regulators
Data belongs to contributors (instead of platform creator)
Full Control over who gets access and how much it’s sold for
Governance & Ownership
Bottom-up ecosystem
Network Participants can vote on: Data Uploader Payouts, Platform Fees, Releasing funds for further development
Q1 2022
Data partnerships
Construct treasury
Q2 2022
Community marketing
Private sale
MarinaNet TestNet
Q3&4 2022
MarinaNet Mainnet
Development continues

Our team.

Dan Ha
CEO of Gemble (Singapore) & Forabee (S. Korea)
Rachel Shin
Project Broker & Director, Kinsale Maritime (Singapore)
Gabriel Koh
CTO of Scrio, AI Software (Singapore)
Haley Lee
Maritime Expert
Project Broker, Kinsale Maritime (Singapore)
Elijah Ng
Ex Tech Lead, Mind PointEye (Singapore)
Jon J
CEO of Scrio, AI Software (Singapore)
Alex Ferre
CMO at MarinaChain, Partner at Mylk
Maria Bernitsa
ESG Legal
8 years of experience in legal, Specialised in ESG project
Dawon Kim
Co-Founder of Diatomic AB, Atomic Heroes CNFT
Enya Seong
Communications Officer at MarinaChain

Our advisors and partners.

SR Kim | Maritime Advisor

SR has an extraordinary career as a broker at the global scale. He provides knowledge and networks to build a healthy ecosystem profitable for all industry participants. The author of ‘Wise Riches Invest in Ships’. Founder of Cass Maritime Ltd, London & S. Korea and Kinsale Maritime, S. Korea ‘MA Ship financing’ at Cass Business School, London ‘BA Maritime Law’ at Korea Maritime and Ocean University, S. Korea.

James Lee | Maritime Advisor

James provides insight into the industry based on his experience leading brokerage transactions across multiple regions. As a former Navigation Officer for 5 years, James provides a wealth of knowledge on the handling of maritime data. ‘MA Ship Financing’ at Cass Business School,‘Navigation Officer’ at Pan Ocean & Daelim, S. Korea