Monitor Vessels' Performance and Emissions

Save time and money by simplifying and automating your collection of all the data and reports from your ships and compile them into audited reports.
A screenshot of MarinaNet's dashboard.

Automate & Simplify

Speed up your information transfer process from ships to decision makers

IMO Compliant Reports

Generate reports on carbon emissions

Trusted Accreditation

Transparent and audited to accelerate business closing
Trusted by
Carbon Regulations

Manage carbon where it matters

Calculate your EU-ETS obligations and optimise your fuel impact.
EUA cost optimiser
Understand your fleet carbon emissions
Data Analytics

Automate All your Monitoring and Performance Tracking

Make better decisions with better data.
Noon report
Vessel dashboard
Departure report
Arrival report
Ship specifications
Data Management

Receive and manage data seamlessly

Ships, crew and land-based office are connected easily through the same web app.
Receive and send data directly through the web
Export reports into various formats you need
Powerful integration with your software

Why MarinaNet

No Software Installation: Use MarinaNet directly on your web browser
Lightweight: Optimised for use on-vessel, MarinaNet is data-friendly and loads fast
Fluid Integration: MarinaNet works with all of your existing softwares

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