Post MEPC80: Managing Carbon Accounting &
Your EU ETS Obligations

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Thursday, 24th August 2023
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4:00 - 4:45 PM SGT

Carbon regulations, and carbon accounting...

Stay ahead of the game when it comes to emerging carbon regulations and accounting practices, especially after the monumental MEPC80 climate talks.

We'll provide guidance on EU ETS compliance, figuring out your internal carbon price forecast, understanding domestic and international carbon taxation, analysing key takeaways from MEPC80, and setting up strong carbon accounting frameworks to achieve your sustainability targets and meet regulatory mandates.

Our speakers, Sean Lew (Chief Product Officer) and Haley Lee (Chief Sustainability Officer), will use their executive expertise to equip businesses like yours with the necessary tools to navigate the ever-intensifying decarbonisation regulations worldwide.

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What you should know about EU ETS and how to plan for it
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Internal price of carbon
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When to start planning for carbon taxes
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Meet your speakers

Image of Sean Lew, a young man with black hair in a green polo
Sean Lew
Chief Product Officer

Sean is Chief Product Officer at MarinaChain, where he helms Product, Carbon, and Strategy. Prior to joining MarinaChain, he spent a year in the States working in the energy sector, creating batteries and products for cold chain and logistics tracking. With a background in engineering, his talents have proven useful in analysing and implementing the latest reports and research in carbon and legislation.

Haley Lee
Chief Sustainability Officer

Haley Lee, a marine engineer turned sustainability enthusiast, brings valuable expertise to the maritime industry. With a background in shipbroking, she is now driving vessel decarbonisation and promoting ESG initiatives at MarinaChain. A Kaist ESG Executive Program graduate, Haley leads the charge towards greener practices in the maritime industry and beyond.

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