MarinaChain signs MOU with KSS Marine for Green Data Partnership

MarinaChain's partnership with KSS Marine was highlighted in an article published by Naeil Shinmun on 23 February 2022. The original article was written in Korean, and a summary has been translated below.

KSS Marine Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of KSS Line Ltd., has signed an MOU with MarinaChain Pte. Ltd. on the expansion on eco-friendly vessel businesses through blockchain technologies. Data collected in the blockchain is immutable (or unmodifiable), making it impossible to hack and very reliable. MarinaChain ensures that no data is accessible without the permission of their respective uploaders, and manages the data in a safe and secure system by implementing the concept of private keys belonging to the data provider – in this case, the vessel owners that upload ship data.

“Both companies have agreed that the vision of adopting a green direction will lead to the best long-term economic success,” a representative from KSS Line has said.

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